Coaching for spiritual practitioners & artists

I help spiritual practitioners and artists share their gifts and support themselves in the process. I support people with a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Vision development, strategy and implementation
  • Creating financial viability
  • Bringing services and products and services to market in a way that feels right
  • Building supportive and collaborative networks to support clients in their work
  • Overcoming blocks to self expression
  • Refining websites and developing clear communication materials

Many spiritual practitioners and artists feel alone in their work. After two years of wanting to launch my own business and website, I decided to work with a coach. Working with her helped me get my business up and going. No matter how hard working, self-starting and resilient we are, it often helps to feel we are supported by someone who knows how to navigate the field, can provide feedback, accountability, and resources for further growth.

Spiritual practitioners and artists are often responsible for providing healing or creative work and managing the practical and logistical side of building a business. Most of us are naturally inclined to be skilled at one or the other, not both. I introduce people to simple tools and frameworks for self-organizing and planning. I also connect my clients with people who understand the work my clients do and can fill in the gaps for pieces they do not want to learn themselves, like web design, branding, and financial modelling.

Shot among ancient cedars on the Kokanee Glacier Old Growth Trail, July 2017

I enjoy working with people who are interested in building work-life alignment. I believe that if we love what we do, we will be more fulfilled by what we are doing and we will be able to both offer and receive more.


“Caitlin has helped me gain clarity and direction with my desired goals for my work. Caitlin facilitates each session with grounded guidance and practical advice. I leave feeling easier about my process, and with specific actions to do on my own which helps me feel more empowered. I appreciate her support and highly recommend working with Caitlin!”