Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are tools for attending to the Self and overcoming blocks to personal growth.

Currently accepting new clients in person and online, I have a special interest in working with queer and non-binary folx, neurodivergent individuals, spiritually-oriented people and creative types. As someone who identifies in these ways, I am able to relate to the issues, challenges and gifts that often arise alongside these identities. In addition, I have experience supporting clients struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, loss and personal exploration.

I work with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, including mindfulness, body awareness, somatics, existentialism, nature-based therapy and spiritual perspectives. I encourage clients to lean into art, movement, writing, inquiry and dreamwork among other things as pathways into creativity and connection to their deeper selves.

As your counsellor, I work to provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space as you take your unique path to wellness. I bring a holistic perspective to mental health which integrates a variety of approaches and perspectives in our work together. I value this approach because I believe that when our challenges are multifaceted, our solutions must be too.


In my experience as both a recipient and practitioner of therapy, I have learned that many of us struggle with the pain of disconnection. Meditation teacher and psychologist Tara Brach speaks to the challenges of living in an age of social media and materialism; we live in a culture that is at once highly communicative and highly disconnected. High quantities of interactions (e.g. texts and social media likes) often mean we give and receive low quality connection. Modern culture makes it easy to lose touch with the people around us and more importantly with our deeper sense of self.

Shot on Prince Edward Island, Summer 2013

As a therapist, I help clients:

  • Reclaim their connections to their authentic selves
  • Work through blocks in connecting to others
  • Connect to their place and purpose in the world

Remembering how to be in authentic connection can help address challenges like loneliness, isolation, relationship issues, depression and anxiety.

Working Together

Currently based in Victoria, B.C., I am available to work with clients in person and online.
I offer a free one hour consult to help you assess whether working with me will be a fit.



“Working with Caitlin has been a very natural experience, full of ease and trust. I really appreciate the way she holds space and simultaneously responds  in a helpful and appropriate manner. As a result, I have left our sessions feeling heard, and with a lot more clarity. She is  a very talented, grounded therapist, who offers so much wisdom and clarity.” — S.H

“Working with Caitlin has been a great experience. Her interest in and ability to tailor our sessions to my specific needs has been positive and helpful. As my first foray into therapy she has made me feel comfortable and supported and I find so much value in our relationship.”
— M.A.