I am a consultant, meeting, event and workshop facilitator, counsellor and meditation guide.

I help individuals, communities and organizations to:

  • Work through blocks to growth and development
  • Clarify values, vision, strategic direction and business development
  • Develop resilient networks within and across communities
  • Incorporate play, collaboration and creativity into our work

My Story

“When a person becomes aware of their genius and they live it and they give generously from it, they change the world, they affect the world.” 
Michael Meade

I began my journey as an organizer nine years ago in social justice work with the food movement. Starting out as a volunteer at the head office of a national charity, Meal Exchange, I soon transitioned into the role Program Manager and later of Program Director. With the support of mentorship and the opportunity to do ground-level work, I learned about how to see, navigate, and shift systems. I supported the development of networks, led multi-stakeholder strategic planning processes and designed and facilitated large events.

Through my work I learned about the fractal (patterned) nature of systems and networks. Patterns repeat and are reflected at macro and micro levels. I observed how networks and systems are built upon people and their relationships with each other – or lack thereof. Our personal and interpersonal patterns ripple out into the systems around us. The patterns we observe on the surface of large systems and organizations reflect what is being held and experienced at an individual level and vice versa. I came to wonder whether change could occur at the systems level if change had not taken root at the individual level.  

This question, combined with a deepening interest in my own psychological experience turned me toward a psychotherapy training program. My goals were both to learn more about myself, and to study change at an individual level. While studying psychotherapy at The Living Institute in Toronto, I began working with meditation communities as an organizer and a teacher, deepening in my personal practices of meditation, and supporting the growth of groups that were committed to inclusion, practice and exploration.

Engaging with the works of Carl Jung and Michael Meade and through my own journey, I have come to see that we each have unique gifts to contribute to the people and world around us. The support of others (individuals, families and communities) enables us to find, cultivate and offer our gifts to others in a way that nourishes both ourselves and those around us. At least that’s how it’s been working for me – without the support of multiple individuals and communities, I would not have had the opportunity to grow, live, work and play as I have.

I look forward to carrying the gifts I have been given forward and to being an ally to those who are ready to engage in transformational work.

Shot at Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia, Summer 2019

Currently located in the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island, I travel often and am available to connect both in person and online.

contact: caitlin@pivotintoharmony.com