Network Theory and Practice
Based on the pioneering work of June Holley, this site offers resources and discussion space for those who want to better understand network approaches to transformation and improve their skills in facilitating networks.

Network Mapping – Free, easy to use network mapping tool from SumApp

Meditation/Psychotherapy – Recommended Teachers, Reading and Listening

Tara Brach
Psychologist, author of Radical Acceptance and meditation teacher. Podcast includes teachings for self understanding, emotional regulation, and guided meditations.

Pema Chodron
Meditation teacher and author of many books, including When Things Fall Apart, Taking the Leap, The Places that Scare you. Video teachings available online.

Jeff Warren
Writer and self-taught meditation teacher with a knack for humour, leading groups and one on one guidance. Founder of Consciousness Explorers Club, a hub for guided audio and writing on the practice of meditation.

Consciousness Explorers Club –

Culture and Consciousness

Living Myth
Michael Meade’s podcast and website draws on the mythic perspective as a lens for understanding modern times and navigating the human experience.

Facilitation Tools

Liberating Structures
Alternative and creative structures for facilitating meetings, conversations and personal reflection.