I offer group and one-on-one sessions to help people build, maintain, and deepen their meditation practices.

About five years ago, I discovered the inward journey through meditation. When I first started to meditate I was awe-struck at how a shift in attentional focus could shed so much light on my internal landscape. My body spoke loudly through sensations and my thinking mind revealed itself to be on a journey all its own, living in the past and imagining dystopian futures. By cultivating a regular meditation practice, I found a way to inhabit the present and attend to my body.

I have had a number of teachers and have explored a variety of lineages on my meditative and spiritual journey including Vajrayana Buddhism, somatic meditation, Qi Gong and the fundamentals of mindfulness. Three years ago, I was invited by my teachers to begin guiding others. Since then, I have been offering workshops, courses and individual coaching to support people in developing and deepening practices.

While living in Toronto, I received mentorship from Jeff Warren, co-author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics and taught regularly with the Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC), a Toronto-based meditation community.

If you’re interested in exploring the weird and wonderful world of meditation (as an individual or as part of a group), please be in touch to discuss how we might work together:


“Caitlin guides meditation with imagination and heart. She is skilled at holding space for individuals and groups, is comfortable in her skin and in the often uncomfortable territory of changing inner experience. Her psychotherapy training shows up on the cushion. She isn’t shy about dealing with people’s personal challenges, and she has a multidisciplinary perspective on growth and development. A fine guide!”

Jeff Warren, Founder, Consciousness Explorers Club

Consciousness Explorers Club daylong retreat with Shinzen Young
CEC Community explores being in relationship on a Monday night in Toronto