I offer meeting, event and conference design and facilitation.

As a network builder and a systems practitioner, I understand group dynamics and how to engage individuals in collective processes. I use a wide set of tools to facilitate meetings, including Liberating Structures, which challenge traditional meeting dynamics, encourage people to actively participate and engage in outside-the-box thinking.

If you have an upcoming meeting or event that would benefit from the support of a creative and alternative facilitator, email me at caitlin@pivotintoharmony.com.

Past Clients

2015 Feeding 9 Billion Design Jam

Jane’s Walk, Network Building and Visioning session with walk leaders

Home Ownership Alternatives Corporation, Board Retreat

Greenbelt Fund, Facilitating Connections Along the Food Value Chain

Meal Exchange, Developing a National Student Food Charter

University of Guelph, Feeding 9 Billion Design Jam