I support visionary individuals, independent business, and organizations to work through tough problems – problems that keep coming back, despite efforts to fix them. Tough problems range from bringing ideas and visions into form to navigating through intra and inter-organizational dynamics.

I believe my clients often hold the solutions to the challenges they face, and that my work is to help them look in the right places. My deeply collaborative approach means we’ll work together to uncover solutions and create a new way forward.

Specific areas of focus:

  • Strategic planning, organizational and business development for visionary individuals, independent business and organizations
  • Network development, community building, collaborative leadership
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Intra and inter-organizational dynamics like lack of cohesion, scattered and opposing team efforts, partnership development.

I help my clients help themselves. I do this by sharing methods, tools and processes that you can integrate into your everyday workflow and ultimately maintain on your own. I choose to work alongside clients, rather than for clients.

I work with small and large organizations, as well as with individuals seeking support to transform their visions into reality.

If you are looking to make a transformational shift in your work and want to explore working together, email me to set up a free initial consult:


I have developed a unique process to help my clients:

  • Articulate a clear, value-aligned vision and goal
  • Develop a realistic, process-oriented approach
  • Identify and leverage key resources and collaborators
  • Create structures, systems and realistic timelines to support productivity and manageable workflow
  • Evaluate and modify goals and process as you go


“Caitlin is a passionate and skilled consultant with a diverse range of talents. She’s mentored me in learning and applying Liberating Structures, shared knowledge on network development, and I’ve seen first hand how she can bring together community for collective learning. I hired Caitlin to conduct a small environmental scan for the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research, and Service, and Caitlin delivered a product that supported us in our decision making processes. She’s a great communicator, responsive, and has a commitment to community that shines through everything she does. I look forward to our next collaboration!

Andrea Langlois, Director of Communications, International Center for Ethnobotanical Research, Education and Services (ICEERS)

“Caitlin’s ability to read a situation, whether it is a room full of people she is animating or a whole system she is trying to shift, gives her and the people she is working with the ability to know what to do next. Caitlin can both anticipate and deliver impactful change. “

Liz Rykert, Founder, Meta strategies

Past projects & clients

International Center for Ethnobotanical Research, Education and Services, Research and facilitation

MetaStrategies, Project manager, facilitator and network weaver

Networks + Action handbook, Ontario Nonprofit Network

Developing a Network for HCV in Ontario, South Riverdale Community Health Centre

100in1Day, a city-building and community development project in collaboration with Evergreen Brickworks

Consciousness Explorers Club, an irreverent and unapologetically non-dogmatic meditation community

Mapping a local network, Spacing Magazine launch party 2015